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Wayne Willis Shop

Wayne Wills' Shop
Dust Collector Keeps Shop Clean




My visit this month is to the small basement shop of Wayne Wills. Wayne is a retired Marine major and his shop exhibits the cleanliness and neatness of those many long years in the military. His shop is also well-equipped, well-organized, and of late very dust-free. Wayne builds beautiful furniture and has recently begun woodturning on his new General lathe.


Some of Wayne’s equipment in his 24 by 24 foot L-shaped shop are:


  • Ryobi 12.5-inch portable planer
  • Geetech 6-inch jointer on wheels
  • Oneida 1.5 hp cyclone dust system
  • Craftsman 10-inch radial arm saw
  • Hegner 15-inch scroll saw
  • Jet 10-inch 1.5 hp contractor table saw
  • Jet 14-inch bandsaw
  • Jet 16.5-inch floor model drill press
  • General 260 lathe with risers
  • Ryobi RE600 (3 hp) router and table
  • Porter Cable 6-90 router
  • Ryobi spindle sander
  • Hand tools and accessories



The diagram at left is a layout of Wayne’s shop. Blast gates for the dust collector, a new addition to the basement workshop, are located near the major tools.

Pictures coming soon!


Guild members will find interesting the new dust collection system Wayne is adding to his shop. Oneida has designed the system, which it claims to be 97 percent effective, for Wayne’s shop and equipment. With the help of fellow Guild members Don Russell and Stewart Holt, Wayne has added low-cost micro-switches at each blast gate, relays, and a transformer to control the collector’s motor. All the parts were fairly inexpensive and purchased locally.

When Wayne opens a blast gate at a particular piece of equipment, the micro-switch contact causes the dust collector to start. Closing the blast gate turns the collector off. He no longer has to manually turn on the collector when turning on a piece of dust-making equipment, saving time and many extra steps.

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