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Walter Jarck

Author Gives Us Glimpse Of His Set-Up


Editor’s Note: Walter Jarck has prepared a series of articles on Guild members’ shops, complete with diagrams and photographs.  If you know of any shops and woodworkers you would like to see profiled, give Walter a call at 706-754-0422.

    The deadline for the newsletter is rapidly approaching and I have fallen behind on my shop visits.  To catch up I have chosen to visit the brand new shop downstairs!

    Marilyn and I recently moved to our new retirement house in northeastern Georgia and my downstairs shops was planned from the start.  For the last 50 years or so I have been working out of sheds, garages, and small crowded areas that were almost hostile  to my equipment and projects.

    Now I have completed my shop.  It has ample dry space, is well lighted, and a pleasure just to be in.  Hopefully, this will be as productive as were some of my earlier locations.  I mention this only for my woodworking friends who are still dreaming of their new shops.  There is hope!  (And hopefully it won’t take 50 years. . . .)

    My main woodworking area is approximately 16 feet by 30 feet with another wood storage/ compressor/dust collector area of 14 feet by 16 feet.  Since these were planned before we began construction of the house all the ductwork is under the floor.

       A listing of the equipment is as follows:

  • Powermatic floor model #1150 drill press
  • Makita miter saw
  • Powermatic #90 lathe with extra bed
  • Delta 6-inch jointer
  • Sears Craftsman 1.5 HP shaper
  • Sears Craftsman disk/belt sander
  • Rockwell 14-inch bandsaw with large table
  • Fine dust collector by Jarck
  • Delta 10-inch Unisaw
  • Foredom and dental tools for carving
  • Scissors-jack carving/work table by Jarck
  • Ryobi shop-vac
  • Hitachi 2 HP air compressor
  • Onieda 1.5 HP cyclone dust collector
  • Sears Craftsman 12-inch planer-molder
  • Numerous hand sanders, routers and other tools.


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