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Huspeth Fabricates Tools

Hudspeth Fabricates His Own Tools


    Our shop reporter this month visits one of the most unique and innovative members of the Guild.  Mickey Hudspeth’s shop is one of the most interesting that I have visited and one that I cannot do justice to in this short article.

    Mickey is not only one of the best woodworkers I know but he is equally talented in metal work, designing and building his own woodworking machinery.  If he has a need he doesn’t go out and buy the machinery as most of us do -- Mickey sits down and designs it, then machines and welds and uses it.

    His machinery is well-built, precise and incorporates many of his own ideas and innovations.

    On the woodworking side, Mickey is an excellent turner, chip carver and box maker. 

In fact he teaches  chip carving at a local woodworking supply store.

    With his need for space he has practically taken over the entire basement in his home. 

He has two rooms, one for carving at 13.5 by 24 feet and one for all other equipment.  That room is much larger, about 15  by 46 feet.

Mickey bought the following tools:

  • 3 hp air compressor
  • 25 amp Lincoln welder
  • acetylene outfit
  • Orbit table drill press
  • Delta 12-inch lathe
  • Delta 10-inch Unisaw
  • Total Shop clean air system
  • Delta 12-inch planer
  • Inca jib/router
  • South Bend metal lather
  • dust system

More impressively, Mickey made the following tools:

  • Powered oscillating hacksaw
  • 1-inch belt sand
  • 1/2 -inch drill press, floor model
  • 6-inch grinder
  • buffer
  • 9-inch disk sander
  • 1/2 hp shaper
  • belt and disk sander
  • scroll saw
  • 10-inch table saw
  • 3-wheel band saw
  • spindle sander

A Long Shop Mickey Hudspeth’s shop is extremely long and narrow and filled with machines he designed and built himself.  A skilled metalworker and woodworker, Mickey’s chip carving frequently wins prizes.

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