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Ken Slaughter

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This is the first of a series on some members’ shops, their arrangement, size, noteworthy ideas and innovations. These articles could serve as an excellent reference library for those setting up new shops or improving their present shops.


Our plan is to write up several Guild members’ shops and then poll the membership to see if we should continue the series. So let us hear from you.


Since Ken Slaughter had recently written up his modification of a dust collection system and the building of a cyclone, and since he is an award-winning box maker, I began by visiting his shop.


Ken moved into his house about two years ago and has since developed a shop in a basement room which measures about 20 by 26 feet with a eight foot suspended and sprinkled ceiling. It is well planned, light, dust-free, and must be a real pleasure to work in.


His equipment includes: Craftsman 12-inch bandsaw, Craftsman 1 hp drill press (floor model), Delta Rockwell lathe (with a sandbox to reduce vibration), Craftsman 6-inch joiner, DeWalt 10-inch radial arm saw, Performax sander #1632, Minimax scroll saw, Delta 12-inch planer, Ryobi router in table with Incra jig for dovetailing, 3 hp air compressor, homemade fine particle air filter with squirrel cage blower, homemade 1 hp cyclone collector, numerous hand tools, and many, many jigs.


Several of Ken’s woodworking machines are on rollers so they can be moved for dust collection hookup and to provide more safe working space. Lumber storage is in a separate basement room. A key piece of equipment is his dehumidifier which Ken estimates collects as much as five gallons of water a day from the air in the basement rooms. This has to really benefit the stored lumber which equalizes to the ambient moisture conditions of the room. This is especially important when planning to glue up material or make fine boxes or furniture.

Ken‘s cyclone (homemade) is an integral part of dust collector

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