Scholarship Follow-up Report Format

The report can be either an article for the newsletter or a presentation that will constitute the pre-meeting at one of the Guild’s monthly meetings. Presentations must be coordinated in advance with the board member in charge of pre-meetings. Articles and presentations must include the following information:

1. The name of the course, location (organization, city and state) and when it was taken, the length of the course, the name of the instructor, and the tuition cost.

2. What were the reasons you chose this course and how did you learn about it?

3. What subjects were covered in the course?

4. What objects did you make during the course?

5. What other objects did the instructor make during the course?

6. What were the most memorable things learned from the course?

7. Were there any things you wished were covered more thoroughly in the course? If so, what?

8. Did the course description/advertising correctly describe the course content?

9. How would you rate the instructor’s presentation skills including clarity of communication, organization of the material, adequacy of handouts, safety used in the demonstrations, and ability for the students to see the important details during the demonstrations?

10. How would you rate the adequacy of the instruction facility including temperature control, lighting, seating for demonstrations, working area and facilities such as tools and benches for the students, bathroom and break facilities, parking, and security of the general area?

11. Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

12. Additional information and pictures are also welcome.

13. Write-ups must be submitted in electronic form to the board member responsible for the scholarship program.

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